What is Radio management.


Radio Management (RM) facilitates the creation of extremely efficient radio programming configurations.

Radio management allows you to manage and program multiple radios at the same time.

Radio codeplugs are stored inhouse or remote on a central database server allowing for remote configuration of data and remote programming radios

A single codeplug can be used as a template, which can then be share across multiple radios

  • Change radio name, alias, radio ID, audio configuration, announcement, and more.
  • Create groups and assign different templates for each, if needed.
  • Schedule firmware updates, install and/or remove features.

Changes to a template or to an individual radio’s parameters can be scheduled as a programming job.

Programming jobs may be scheduled through Wi-Fi, USB or OTAP.

Why do I need radio Management?

Having your own radio management gives you control of your inventory and your radio fleet.

Motorola is constantly working on new features for their radio’s, firmware updates is a good practice to keep these radios updated.








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